Thursday, 25 October 2018

Rounding numbers

Name: Sam
Date: 17/10/2018
WALT: Round numbers to the nearest whole number.

  1. 2,469.491
  2. Is between 2,400 and 2500 since i'm rounding up to the nearest tenth 2,469.491 = 2,500.491
  1. 41,806.608
  2. Is between 41,800 and 41, 810 since I am rounding to the nearest tenth 41,806.608 = to 41,810.608

  1. 219,411.099
  2. Is between 219,10 and 219,420 since I am rounding up to the nearest tenth 219,411.099 is = to 219,420.099

  1. 658,414.54
  2. Is between 658,410 and 658,420 since I am round to the nearest tenth 658,414.54 = to 658,420.54

  1. 3,605,435.85
  2. Is between 3,600 and 3,610 since I am rounding up to the nearest tenth 3,605,435.85 is = to 3,610,435.85

Fundraising 14 thousand dollars

Name: Sam
Date: 25/10/18
WALT: Explain about Fundraising for school property

Success criteria:
  • I Have a title
  • I Have explained about my ideas
  • I Have wrote about why we are fundraising
  • I Have used correct punctuation

These are some ideas for fundraising:
  • Raffles
  • Ice block sale
  • BBQ Sale
  • Open up a canteen for the kids to buy stuff
  • Sponsorship

Fundraising in my opinion is a good way to earn money and you might wanna sell some stuff that you don't really need and yeah fundraising can come in handy sometimes it's better than having to loan money off people when you have to pay it back but why do that when you can sell stuff to make money,  So our class/ Rm 7 has come up with an idea of fundraising for the school to get some brand new sports equipment and also sports structures for the court.

So at GIS / Glen Innes School we have a new sports court covered in astroturf for our sports activities but the principal/ Mr hendricks is needing $14,000 otherwise we will end up with a nice astroturf court with nothing on it, so as I said before our class came up with a good idea of fundraising for the school, that way we can have basketball hoops, tennis nets, netball hoops, and a new playground.

as you can see uptop I have some ideas of what we can do to make this fundraising successful, if we are successful than us seniors can enjoy our new court but anyways these are the reasons of why I have these ideas uptop First of all I think we should have raffles because if we have a good prize it should attract a lot of people  and they will want to buy it and we can earn some money from that but there is one thing we must tight with the money were saving because than we can add that money with the money we've just earned.

Next I chose ice block sale is because we usually sell ice blocks on athletics day because that's when all the parents can come and watch their children run and also they can buy them some ice blocks to keep cool, BBQ sales is the same except it's mainly on raffle days, the next one is canteen / tux shop so I choose this one is because some kid don't have lunch but have money so yeah.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

How the key competencies help with success

Name: Sam
Date: 27th Feb 2018

WALT - write an explanation
Intro: Have you ever wondered how the key competence could help us become successful learners well that's what this explanation writing will be about hope you enjoy.

I think the key competencies can help by thinking,  now thinking is one of the key competencies and why I choose it is because if you make a mistake you can always rethink it threw, and once you know your correct there should be no mistakes so basically your rechecking what you done wrong and making sure there's no mistakes and that's one of my reasons of how that could help.

My next one Managing self now this is also one of the key competencies and should be able to help be successful. This could help me manage my mistakes and take responsibilities so lets say I got a person in trouble but it wasn't his fault so if you combined thinking with managing self you could rethink your mistakes and take responsibilities so that you're being honest. My next one Relating to others.

Also as you may know it is one of the key competencies called Relating to others and why I choose this is because it's good for friendship and getting to know one another and being simula could also help with being successful because ikn class there should be no fighting or arguing and the teacher will probably be proud, and those are my reasons of how you can be successful hope you enjoyed.


Bay to bay run day

Name: Sam
Date: 31st August 2018
Title: Bay to bay run day

Today Rm 7 and the senior students of glen innes gathered together because today was the run from mission bay to st heliers, I was really excited because it was a 3 km run and after we were gonna have some sports fun and sausage sizzles, before anything started we had to go to hall so we can get into our groups and sort our the shirts for each team.

Our team was the brown team and we were going against red blue and the white team, as we lined up we first had to go back to class and quickly put our bags away, as I walked outside I could see how much everyone was excited for the run, so as we arrived on the bus we had to make sure everyone had a seat.

When we arrived we saw some of the police men waiting for us because we were told that there was gonna be a few police running with us   

How to play rippa rugby

Name: Sam
Date: 28th June 2018
Title: How to play rippa rugby

Rippa rugby is a easy to play game with 8 players and it is also for young rugby players,I know this because we use to have rippa rugby in the middle block of school and kids loved it, it is non contact which means there are no contacts in the game, it is also a safe game for both boys and girls alike. Best of all it is exciting for all involved, also while the rules are simple it is easy for young rugby players to learn how to play.

How to play:
The game field is 70 metres in length and upto 40 metres wide, Rippa Rugby can be played in basically any open space, The game starts off with an attacking team and a defending team the attacking team must score as much tries past the defending team but the defending team is to make sure that the attacking team gets there flags ripped at least six times.

The object of the game is to score a try by grounding the ball behind or on the opponents’ try line, A try is worth five points. To stop a try being scored the defenders must rip the flag from the belt of the Attacker. This stops the attacker and he must pass the ball. If the attacking team has gotten their flags ripped off their belts six times than that's a turn over to the other team which is now the attackers.

Duration of play.
Where possible the field should be marked with cones or markers so that the players can easily tell the size of the playing field. The ‘try-scoring area’ (in-goal area), should be five metres deep from the try line and clearly marked if possible with cones.

Also the game runs for 20 minutes and then it's half time for 2 minutes if a try is scored than the attacking team earn five points and the defending team gets none but don't worry because their should be plenty of time to get more points and Earn your Victory.
And those are my steps of how to play rippa rugby I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Explaination writing

Name: Sam
Date: 10th April 2018

Topic: How to have a healthy lifestyle.
Success Criteria:
  • I have a title.
  • I must explain my writing.
  • I must use capital letters in a beginning of a sentence.
  • I must use my punctuation properly.
  • And I must Double check my writing.

How to have a healthy lifestyle, well
To have a healthy lifestyle their should plenty of solutions and some of those maybe some you might not like and think it's too hard but is good for you if you want to be healthy.
to be healthy you must get plenty of exercise, and this is thought as a hard thing to all the big people out their but it's important that you get your legs moving it's alright to have a break but not for too long you must make sure you keep going no matter how tired you are and also you must get plenty of sleep it's good for your health cause if you do not get plenty of rest the next day you'll just be tired and feel unhealthy.

The next step
Make sure you eat plenty of veggies to keep you healthy and keep away the scabs so you wont get eczema also before you eat always wash your hands cause it's unhygienic if you don't and no offence but people will might not know where that hands been. Also next one and important one make sure you drink plenty of water just to keep you hydrated and healthy.
Ohh and one more step make sure you shower everyday to keep clean.